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Make your day bright with spotless windows on display

Cleaning the stains from last night’s rain or getting rid of the leaves and cobwebs in Autumn and the bud silt in Spring, doesn’t require any action on your part. The specialised window-cleaner from Martinas will carry everything he needs, to refresh your windows from top to bottom.

This external window cleaning procedure will use only purified osmosis water, which will absorb all smudges in its path without leaving any streaks behind;

The professionals can easily treat sash and bay windows, French doors, cladding, conservatory roofs, glass structures, including single & double windows, skylight windows and much more without disturbing your privacy. Besides the panel itself, the specialist will also wash all frames, shutters and sills as part of the service.

Keep in mind, we provide residential and commercial window cleaning, as well. The service is suitable for various types of properties such as flats, detached and semi-detached houses, shopping centres, malls, hotels, offices, community buildings and other real estates.

The solution: a professional window clean from Martinas!

With our customer-oriented approach, we offer you the ideal mix of absolute professional know-how, with affordability, time- savings and comfort. You can rely on our window cleaners being absolute specialists in their field, leaving a spotless atmosphere in every building. Because untarnished windows and clean frames not only stand for a clean and well-run household, but also ensure a longer life of your home assets.

By the way: especially with our commercial customers, it is always imperative how clean the showroom windows, are for the first impression to the client. Especially when regular customer footfall is important, you should not save on these cornerstones of a well-kept building. This not only shortens your to-do list, but also ensures a positive image of your company.

The professional window cleaning service from Martinas offers a fast and excellent all-round service, including hard to reach places. Whether galleries, skylights or complete glass facades: do not put yourself at risk with DIY experiments, rather enjoy the professional service from Martinas.

Reliable and economical!

Our professional cleaners always work reliably, cost-efficiently and with maximum precision, on your window surfaces. Highly specialised equipment and cleaning materials provide added value and, in combination with the specialist know-how of our team, provide the best and long-lasting results. We guarantee for your long-term satisfaction with us and our services.

More than ever, economic and ecological factors are in demand. At Martinas, we make sensible and environmentally conscious use of our resources. More freedom. More perfection. More Martinas! We look forward to working with you!

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