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Private moves: according to your individual budget and needs

Martinas GmbH offers private moves with a comprehensive range of services. You decide which services you would like to take advantage of, and get exactly what you need. Whether just the transport or also the packing and unpacking of the boxes, and the final cleaning of your old home: we take over!

Do you have fragile, valuable or bulky items that you’re worried about getting damaged? Why not sit back and let our professional removal team do the work instead? Our highly trained removers will pack your goods professionally, so our packing service can help keep your household goods protected during your move. With the complete service, packing is included, and we also disassemble your furniture, ensure safe transport of delicate furniture and pictures, and unpack and reassemble everything for you at the new location.

We have everything covered, from A - Z

Since our dedicated client advisor has taken time to discuss and plan your move with you at your home, in English, our removals team will be fully briefed about your move. Our team will be aware of times, schedules, packing materials and special requirements and will arrive at your home with everything they need to pack and move your belongings swiftly and efficiently.

From protective woollen blankets and floorliner, to reserving special parking zones, at Martinas we think of everything that is important for a successful and smooth household move. If you need a secure place to store your belongings before you move into your new home or are short on space, you can choose from our range of storage options at our location in Aargau, right next to the Lenzburg exit on the A1. Upon request, we also take over the storage of individual furniture or more – temporarily or permanently.

Specialised transport jobs are no problem for us. Be it valuable paintings, a piano or even a grand piano, with our packaging options and special equipment such as hoists and an external furniture lift, we can safely transport every special item for you. Martinas also offers a range of insurance options meaning you can rest assured that all your valued items will be safe in our hands.

By the way: no matter if you move within the same town, or right across Switzerland, or even over the border to Germany or Italy, Martinas GmbH is your partner! For many years, our customers have appreciated the coordination, planning and technical know-how of our team. What can we do for you?

Off to the new home: Private moves with the Martinas GmbH

A move is a big step – no question about it! And that applies not only to the decision itself, but above all to the moving process, packing suitcases and boxes, dismantling and assembling furniture, transporting special pieces of furniture safely, planning the layout at the new location… all this not only takes time, it all requires expertise!