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Step by step, box by box, and kilometre by kilometre to your new address: Martinas takes care of your furniture removals in no time at all.

Anyone who has ever moved home knows that furniture removals is a real feat of physical strength. While chairs, clothes or plates are quickly stowed away in the truck, beds, sofas or cupboards often require real muscle power. Our tip: Leave the carrying and sweating to the professionals. Rely instead on our furniture removals transport team. We at Martinas have been offering dedicated furniture removals transport throughout Switzerland for three decades. Thanks to this experience, we know what is important for your move. Because precise planning, tailor-made advice and professional implementation are part of our everyday business.

No matter if it’s a private household or large company: Martinas takes care of all furniture removals

There are many reasons why people move every day: The dream apartment has finally been found, the company is moving into new offices or it is time to downscale and move to an old age residence. No matter what reason you need a furniture removals transport for – we can take care of it. Your satisfaction is our top priority. So it doesn’t matter to us whether you just move across the street or from the quiet countryside to the city centre.

Fortunately, Martinas can rely on the support of our long-standing specialist staff; all of our representatives are hand-picked. You are welcome to help with the move – but your cooperation is not a must. You are welcome to watch comfortably from a distance while we carry out your furniture removals transport. Even in wind and bad weather, record temperatures or snow, we will transport your furniture to your destination in a determined and professional manner.

Just away for a moment? No problem: store your belongings with us!

Short term Storage:

At Martinas, we understand that moving your personal effects in one go might not always be possible, due to delays. As a result, we offer a range of furniture removals and storage solutions in state-of-the-art facilities free of pests, dust and weather. You can be assured your most precious possessions will be stored safely and securely, awaiting transportation to your new location.

Long term Storage:

More and more young students take the opportunity to spend a semester abroad or a gap year. But even after entering professional life, many people take the opportunity to work outside Switzerland for a while. Martinas has also adapted to this need: If you do not want to sell or dispose of your furniture before you leave, you can store it with us for a certain period of time. Appropriate security measures included. Of course, we can also take care of the furniture removals transport for you – both before and after storage.

Furniture removals in relaxation mode: only at Martinas

As a removals company with around thirty years of experience, we draw on our know-how for every move. From planning to the move to the final cleaning and handover to the agent, we manage your move. The nice thing about it: At Martinas you get everything from one company.

If you are interested in a furniture removals transport that is efficient, professional and individual, then you have come to the right address with us. Simply get in touch with us. You will find a contact form on our website where you can request a quote. Simply enter your contact and address data and you will receive your offer.

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