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Has building work left your house in chaos? We can help!

Having work done to your house, whether you’re having it redecorated, a new kitchen fitted or an extension built, can leave it in a complete mess. Martinas offers a thorough cleaning service of your home from top to bottom. Building work can cause huge amounts of dust to build up in your house or office, moving throughout your entire property and leaving it feeling unclean. Therefore, our cleaners not only concentrate on the areas of your house where the builders have been working in, but also any other affected areas.

Dust and other dirt caused by building work can become trapped in fabrics, and therefore we offer to remove any dust or grime left behind by the builders from your carpets and rugs with a deep clean of all your carpets. Our team are fully equipped and own high-quality steam cleaners, to remove any trace of dirt from your home.

The post-construction cleaning service usually only takes place when the renovation or construction work has been completed. The new-build clean is designed to leave the building perfectly ready for occupancy. All surfaces, and windows are cleaned and prepared with the utmost precision and freed from deep-seated dirt. We are also happy to take care of the initial maintenance of floors.

This service is particularly designed to deal with the mess that is left after renovation work. Especially if you’ve been doing any of the following:

  • New-build home
  • New extension or conservatory
  • Kitchen/bathroom update
  • Knocked down a wall
  • Loft conversion

How is the post-construction cleaning done?

The cleaners bring their own equipment and detergents to complete the service. Professional industrial-grade cleaning machines are used for the different floors and surfaces. Stains from renovation materials, such as paint and plaster, are removed with the help of specialised detergents that are able to dissolve them. The windows are cleaned and the whole property is mopped and vacuumed for best results.

During the cleaning process, we can detect minor defects immediately and point them out to the architect or builder. This gives you additional security. With our many years of experience, we have long been popular with our customers and ensure first-class results indoors and outdoors.

Renovation and new-build cleaning with Martinas: the finishing touch!

Be it a simple refreshing of the place or a serious overhaul, there is always a certain level of dust and debris left behind. Not to mention those lingering paint, varnish and plaster splashes that harden and are tough to deal with. So, rather let the specialists handle the situation. We’ll send as many trained cleaners as necessary to complete the job. They will come fully equipped and ready to restore the living conditions at your home. We can carry out a full clean at the end of the construction phase or at regular intervals during construction, to ensure a tidy building atmosphere, as well as disposal of building rubble.

So, if you want your home to look as beautiful as it should after the hard work the builders have put into it, we can make sure it isn’t let down by dirt and dust left after your home is complete.