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    Professional piano Transport

    At Martinas, we have the right tools, suitable vehicles and expertise up our sleeves to move your piano – whether Grand, Baby Grand or Upright – in a faster, safer manner. We have been assisting our clients with their piano transport needs for many years. No matter whether your piano is on the 5th floor or in the basement, we can haul it through narrow stairs and can also find alternative paths to get the job done fast.
    Our customised quotation is based on factors such as parking and building access, the number of movers needed and the total time required, the size of the vehicle and the necessary equipment for transport and security. Transport insurance is included, so you are optimally covered and can rest assured when we are loading and transporting your valuable musical instrument.

    DIY piano transport?

    The piano is a delicate instrument that should be handled with care. Calling in your friends or neighbours to move it might cause intense damage and leave your grand piano in ruins. Martinas deploys piano trolleys to wheel your piano through flat areas, and for moving it floor to floor, we have the necessary tools that are handy and reliable. Our piano movers are fully trained and insured to handle piano removals of various kinds. We are insured against any damage that may happen to your instrument.

    Piano transport with Martinas: safe, fast, affordable!

    Pianos are large instruments that if not handled with extreme care, can easily be damaged. Here is not only the financial value, but usually also sentimental value, which should not be reduced by improper transport. However, having your piano moved professionally from A to B can cost time and money, and it is very important to select the right professionals to help you do so.

    Martinas will take particular care when moving pianos to ensure that every part of the piano is protected. Moving a piano is a delicate operation, especially when stairs or tight spaces must be negotiated, simply due to their shape and size. As a professional piano removal team, we know exactly how to move your piano in the fastest, safest way possible.

    When it gets tricky: Martinas GmbH can do it for you!

    As experienced specialists in our field, we can perform your piano transportation safely and professionally. Whether a window loading, or through a particularly narrow corridor or steep staircase: together we find the ideal (and above all, safe) solution for the planned transport. Our vehicles are well-equipped to hold your piano in place, and the protective wrap that we use around your piano prevents scuffs and scratches during transit. We are the long-distance piano movers that aim to make your piano removals in Aargau less stressful.

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